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Bengals Illustrated is the largest group of Bengal cat enthusiasts worldwide! We are dedicated to the Bengal cat and its numerous fans.

Welcome to Bengals Illustrated, a division of Award Winning Publications. Your going to love the magazine and all we have to offer you! We have a subscription renewal rate of over 95%! That speaks volumes for the publication!

Bengals Illustrated is a HIGH QUALITY full color publication – the first of its kind. Each issue is bound in book format. Numerous well respected professionals and authorities in their field have written for Bengals Illustrated, including but not limited to: 

  • Time Magazine’s nominee for Man of the Year, Dr. Randy Jirtle to widely respected Feline behaviorist Marilyn Krieger (also a subscriber).
  • Dr. Kittleson to David Gianelli, retired New York City fireman, famous for saving Scarlet
  • And the list goes on! Bengals Illustrated is the foremost authority on the Bengal cat! 

Bengals Illustrated has won numerous awards of excellence, for valuable content, graphic design and publication excellence!

When Do Quarterly Magazines get Sent?

The issues are sent based on a quarterly subscription.

1st quarter   January/February/March
2nd quarter   April/May/June
3rd quarter   July/August/September
4th quarter   October/November/December

Subscriptions are annual based on your subscribing date. If you joined in January, your subscription ends in December.

Subscribed: First Issue will be:
 January   April/May/June
 February   April May/June
 March   April/May/June
 April   July/August/September
 May   July/August/September
 June   July/August/September
 July   October/November/December
 August   October/November/December
 September   October/November/December
 October   January/February/March
 November   January/February/March
 December   January/February/March


Bengals Illustrated Magazine occasionally publishes other issues, volumes, or products that will be made available throughout the year!

  • Bengals Illustrated positively promotes the Bengal cat, its breeders and enthusiasts.
  • Each year Bengals Illustrated/Award Winning Publications provides funds for the advancement of feline research, aiding rescue and for breed advancement/promotion.
  • Bengals Illustrated can be found in over 300 veterinary offices across the United States and Canada in addition to Amazon Books, Libraries, etc.
  • Bengals Illustrated provides special promotions specifically to make Bengal Breeders successful.
  • Discounted advertising opportunities to subscribers!
  • Numerous FREEBIES for subscribers!!

Bengals Illustrated, a division of Award Winning Publications, is dedicated to the Bengal Cat and its owners! We live, work and play with our Bengal cats. We consider them part of our family!

Taking an entertaining, informative and balanced look at the ordinary and extraordinary relationships we form with our Bengals, Bengals Illustrated:

• promotes public awareness – important issues that concern us and our cats are regularly presented
• is educational – includes practical advice on behavior, health and diet
• features heart-warming stories, “Soul Food” – real-life stories enjoyed by young and old alike
• has superb photography – is full of fantastic images of Bengal Cats -Pets, Breeders and Show cats alike!
• welcomes your articles, stories, letters and photographs! SUBMIT AN ARTICLE

Special pages especially dedicated to kids, where we feature fun kids stuff. Benny the Bengal would love to receive your stories, poems, jokes, drawings, photos and ideas, and if your piece is published, he’ll send you a free gift! So, mail in your masterpieces to: Benny the Bengal,
Bengals Illustrated,
PO Box 6297,
Oroville, CA 95966

**Remember to enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with your name, age and address.

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Bengals Illustrated has won numerous awards -- for excellence, content and graphic design!